Bob’s & Brews - Bob’s Clam Hut Brings Classic Lobster Rolls and New Clam Tacos to Northern New England’s Favorite Breweries


With warmer weather around the corner, what better way to kick-off the season than pairing Bob’s fresh, award-winning seafood with local beers? This spring and summer, Bob’s is doing just that and hitting the road to pop-up at some of Maine’s favorite craft breweries. Chow down on Lobster Rolls and Clam Tacos while sipping brews from masters known for pushing the limits and having fun with their offerings.


Schedule includes:

Oxbow Brewing Company

Friday, May 5, 5PM – 8PM

49 Washington Avenue

Portland, ME 04101

Located less than an hour north of Kittery, Portland-based Oxbow is an American farmhouse brewery that specializes in traditional Belgian-style ales with a contemporary American influence. For one evening only, Bob’s will be bringing Maine’s Seacoast to the small-batch brewery that is known for its funky and sour beers, such as the barrel-aged and mixed-fermented Catalyst brewed with estate honey and the dry hopped and citrusy Grizacca American grisette.



Tributary Brewing Company

Saturday, May 20, 3PM – 7PM

10 Shapleigh Road

Kittery, ME 03904

Joining Maine’s craft beer community in 2014, Kittery-based Tributary was founded by husband-and-wife team Tod and Galen Mott. Beer legend and Master Brewer Tod developed the formula for Harpoon’s IPA in the early 90s and later created BeerAdvocate’s “Best Beer in America” - Portsmouth Brewing Company’s Kate the Great, a Russian imperial stout. A life-long dream of Tod’s, Tributary uses the finest ingredients sourced locally and from around the world for exceptional, true-to-style beers. On May 20th, get down to the bluegrass stylings of the Rockspring Trio while sipping Tributary’s Mott the Lesser Russian imperial stout and grubbing on Bob’s specialties.





Clam Tacos (2 per order) $10

Lobster Roll $10

Clam Chowder $5

Onion Rings $3



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Open Year Round Daily at 11 am

We often hear the question “when does Bob’s open for the season?” 

Actually Bob’s Clam Hut has been open year round continuously since 1974!. We added indoor heated seating in 1991 so in those first 27 years of winter Bob’s guests would stand outside to order and pick up their food and either eat in their cars (mostly) or bring home.

Our dining room has 68 seats.  It does get full when we are busy but we are almost always able to accommodate folks pretty quickly. If the dining room is full there will be a host in the hall who will put your name on the waiting list. We’ll get you a table as quickly as we can.

Generally there’s plenty of room – especially on weekdays. Winter can be a very relaxing and calm time to enjoy Bob’s. Hope to see you. We keep the dining room nice and warm!

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It's easy being GREEN

There's something different about Bob's!

This week Bob's added solar panels to the roof. This change was the latest development in our commitment at Bob's to maintain environmental consciousness.

As you may already know, thanks to Mr. Fox Composting we separate our waste into compost, recycling and true waste (trash); this is good for the environment because approximately 2/3 of normal, household waste (and probably much more than that in a restaurant) is compostable--it can be broken down and made into dirt and soil to continue a natural environmental cycle. By composting our paper products, our cornware (the "plastic" cups we serve drinks in, as well as our utensils), and leftover food, we ensure that these items do not end up in a landfill, where they would only contribute to toxic gases in the air and eat up land, as well.

Also, as of January of this year, both Bob's and our brother restaurant, Robert's, purchase green power. 100% of the electric energy we use is backed up by renewable energy credits, or RECs. This process is a little more complex to explain than composting and recycling--but the fact that we pay for renewable energy to pass through energy grids to us means that the amount of renewable energy we purchase is trackable; the more people and businesses who buy renewable energy backed by RECs, the more renewable energy sources are able to grow their method of energy generation (and cut down on the use of fossil fuels).

Solar panels are a way to cut down on the energy we import from outside grids. On sunshiny days, the panels on our roof will convert the sun's natural heat energy into energy we can use for our own building. If the sun is going to shine, anyway, why not take advantage of that?

What are some things you do to help the environment? We'd love to hear. If you're looking for ideas, check out this simple list for things you can do in your home today without changing anything but your routine. If we work together, it makes a big difference!

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