Mount Desert Island Ice Cream--It's the BEST!

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream at Bobs Clam Hut

Bob's has been serving ice cream for more than a quarter of a century. Which brand we've had on the menu--Annabelle's, Ben & Jerry's--has changed several times over the years. We think that the ice cream we carry today, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream, is our best ice cream yet!

What's so special about it? Well, besides the fact that it's made in Maine (the way ice cream should be--that's the state motto, right?), and besides the fact that it's all-natural, hormone-free cream (does that mean it's healthy?!), Mount Desert Island Ice Cream serves flavors you just can't get anywhere else, like... Bay of Figs? Lemon Poppyseed with Blackberry Swirl? BUTTERBEER? (Shout out to our sister restaurant, Lil's--they love HP over there!)

Here are a couple of our favorites that are on the menu right now:

Reverse Root Beer Float (mostly vanilla with the perfect amount of root beer thrown in)

... and Brigadeiro (intense cocoa with a caramel undertone)

We also have Vietnamese Cinnamon, Honey Baked Apple Pie, and Salt Caramel. In the cooler months, we try to stick to the more traditional flavors... but soon we will have:

... Coffee Oreo
... Cranberry Cheesecake
... Wingnut (Coffee ice cream with chocolate-covered espresso beans!)
... and that delicious Lemon Poppyseed with Blackberry Swirl we already mentioned!

Not sure if you're feeling adventurous? Ask for a sample at our ice cream window! We don't serve anything we don't like, and we stand behind our ice cream for having the freshest, seasonal ingredients possible to keep the quality top-notch. It's getting warmer out there.... Why not come in for a scoop? ;-)