Every BELLY Wants Bob's!

Bob's is going on a road trip!

Ever heard of a pop-up? Some of us here at Bob's hadn't, either. A pop-up is what it's called when one business sets up camp at another business and gets to show off some of their signature items to an audience that has maybe never seen them before. And that's what we're doing! We're hitting the road on April 30 for a night at Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge, MA.

A wine bar, you ask? YES. Bob's is teaming up for a warm-weather kickoff at a great wine bar with a rockin' patio and picnic tables and strings of lights overhead and some of the most beautiful evening atmosphere you've ever seen in the city. Liz Vilardi, the resident wine expert at Belly, has paired each dish Bob's is presenting with a white wine. And we are super excited.

Tickets are $19 each, and they include one Bob's clam roll, oyster roll, or lobster roll, and one of three white wines. Other Bob's specialties are available for purchase, as well, including our hand-breaded onion rings and our classic clam chowder. If you feel like heading down there with us from 5-9pm on April 30, tell your friends and secure your dinner! Snag your tickets at this event page and be sure to get the night off from work!

As the day draws closer, we'll keep posting about the event and maybe even put up some pictures of the tent we're making for that night. We can't wait! We hope you can make it!

Eat clams!