Bob's Burgers

Do you have a burger craving?  Bob's has two special burgers just for you.  Try our new Slaw Burger with pickles and housemade slaw or our O-Ring Burger with hand breaded rings, pickles, and chipotle mayo. 

We make our burgers with Meyer's all natural and humanely raised ground beef. 


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"Polar Opposite" Meals at Bob's

Bob's creates meal combos fit for any winter appetite.

Some like it hot and some like it cold, so this January 2014 Bob’s Clam Hut will offer two combo meal options on their “Polar Opposites” menu for those that crave the warmth of comfort food in the winter chill or those that dream of summertime picnics on the beach. Enjoy the best of both seasons with Bob’s signature dishes:

“The Polar Bear Club” ($9.95) represents classic summer items for those longing for June:
  • Lobster Roll
  • Coleslaw
  • Iced Tea/Lemonade 
“The Winter Warmer” ($9.95) embraces cozy wintertime dining for the snow adventurists:
  • Lobster Stew
  • Onion Rings
  • Hot Tea/Coffee 

For $9.95 more, cap it off with a Bob’s baseball hat for the summer sun or fuzzy beanie for the winter frost. So, which winter are you?  

Available daily January 1 - January 31, 2014
$9.95 for each combo meal with the option of adding a baseball cap or winter beanie for an additional $9.95.
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A Night to Celebrate Lillian


For nearly 25 years Lillian Mangos was there to take your order at Bob’s Clam Hut. Now the Clam Hut will honor its legendary employee with a special night on Tuesday, July 23rd, from 5 until closing.


The special night will be Lillian themed with limited edition Lil’s night t-shirts for sale and worn by Bob’s staff. Collages and posters that chronicle Lil’s time at Bob’s will decorate the Clam Hut. Other acts of homage include a special dinner with clams- cooked Lil’s way of course, and country music, another favorite of Lil’s, under a tent in its back yard area.


Bob’s owner Michael Landgarten hired a then 60 year old Lillian Mangos in 1986 where Lil quickly rose to a renowned status as Kittery’s most famous cashier, and a crowd favorite at the Clam Hut. For Bob’s customers, ordering at “Lillian’s Window” was a special, unique experience. Landgarten remembers, “While Bob's has four cash registers to receive orders often ‘Lillian's Window’ had 10 or more deep on line while the other windows had no one.”


Lillian’s influence did not just end with the order window. She left her mark on the menu as well with her own recipe for frying clams as an option for Bob’s customers.


Perhaps even more than Bob’s customers, the staff at will miss Lillian at the Clam Hut. After 25 years of working 6 days a week and taking hundreds of orders per day, Lillian had a lasting impact on the people around her. “It was an amazing and unpredictable thrill to have lucked into having Lillian Mangos work at our clam hut. We were blessed to have her and have her for so long.”


So for one night this summer, we can come together, enjoy our Lil style clams, raise our glasses of ginger ale (yes another Lillian favorite) and count ourselves lucky to have known such a star. 

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