Making Cole Slaw

The following article is a piece we wrote for Maine Open Air; a blog site promoting outdoor activities in Maine. You can check out the original article and other cool blog posts at

Hello fellow Outdoorsies and a big thank you to the Maine Open Air Blog for inviting us to contribute! This will be Bob’s Clam Hut’s first foray into the blogosphere, and we’re very excited to share some of our recipes, cooking techniques and goings on with the readers of Maine Open Air.

When Will first asked us if we wanted to be part of his Maine themed, outdoors blog I thought: Of course! But what on Earth are we going to post about? Bob’s doesn’t have a famous chef and generally we try not to flambé our clams. I finally decided that showcasing what we do best – consistently great clam shack fare in a fun Maine setting- would provide the Open Air readers with an interesting peak behind clam curtain. 

(Flambéed clams?)

Since it’s technically spring (how many feet of snow does Sugarloaf still have?), I thought that sharing a summertime recipe might be in order. Bob’s coleslaw recipe is a tried and true favorite that has been with the restaurant for more than 50 years. It’s a Bob Kraft original, so before I shared it with you all I had to get a special security waver to take it out of the vault and make it public. Coleslaw is picnic table staple and an essential BBQ addition. I hope this recipe makes it to your cookouts this season. Here’s to summer!

PS – I scaled down the recipe for home use, but the photos are of typically sized batches we make at the Clam Hut.



For the Slaw:

2 pounds shredded cabbage

½ pound shredded carrots


For the Dressing:

2 Cups Mayo

6 Tbsp of White Vinegar

1 Tsp Black Pepper

1 Pinch of Salt

½  Cup of Sugar

2 Tsp Celery Seed

½  Tsp Puree Onion


Combine cabbage and carrots in a large serving bowl.

Combine the mayonnaise and vinegar in a mixing bowl and whisk together until the mixture is smooth. 

(Thanks for stirring Rachael!)

Add the salt, pepper, sugar, celery seed and onion. Mix thoroughly. 

(You'll need these.)

Add the dressing to the cabbage and carrot mixture until the coleslaw can hold shape.

And that’s it! You should now have delicious coleslaw (If you ended up with eggs Benedict please go back to step one). To learn more about Bob’s you can visit our website at You can also visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for reading. Eat Clams!


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Bob's Clam Hut to open location at Sugarloaf

Bob’s Clam Hut, a Maine institution since 1956, renowned for having the best fried clams in New England, is
opening a second location at iconic Maine ski resort Sugarloaf.

For the first time in its nearly 57 year history, Bob’s will be serving customers in a location other than the classic
clam shack in Kittery, Maine. Sugarloaf, the largest ski area east of the Rockies, will play host to second Bob’s
location starting December 22nd. Hungry skiers will be able to enjoy some of Bob’s signature dishes – lobster stew,
fried haddock, lobster rolls, Bob’s original tartar sauce and of course fried clams – mountain side.

The decision to open a second location after so many years of continued success with one original location was not
taken lightly by Bob’s owner Michael Landgarten.

“For all these years I felt Bob’s should, and would, not try to repeat its success somewhere else – that it would be
too hard to recreate the special qualities of Bob’s in Kittery,” he said. “Something however felt so natural when
(Sugarloaf Food and Beverage Director) Jon Rollins invited us to be there. Sugarloaf being such a respected and
beloved place, Jon being such a fan of Bob’s and the staff at Bob’s being off-the-charts enthusiastic about the
opportunity made it a clear choice.”

Bob’s will take a crack team of handpicked employees up to Sugarloaf for the season to bring classic Bob’s food to
the mountain.

For Landgarten, pairing with Sugarloaf for Bob’s first foray into operating a second locale just made sense.

“It’s our off-season and their in-season. Where else in Maine is this the case?” he said. “When I saw the location
they had in mind for us – as central a spot as Bob’s in Kittery has – it really started to fall into place. We’ll be in the
middle of everything – in the Base Lodge and highly visible as skiers come down from their runs.”

Sugarloaf is located in Carrabassett Valley, ME and with 1,153 acres of skiable inbounds terrain, is the largest ski
area in the East.

Bob’s was founded by Robert “Bob” Kraft Sr. of Kittery ME who passed away in 2003. Bob opened the business in
1956 after his mother allowed him to use a piece of the family’s back yard as the restaurant site. A love of clamming
as a child led him to perfect his secret fried-clam recipe which attracts thousands of loyal customers year after year.

Landgarten bought the family-run business from Bob on May 23, 1986 and has since made numerous updates to
the property, making Bob’s Clam Hut what it is today. Landgarten chose to continue using all of the same recipes
created by Bob but also introduced some of his own menu items. Bob’s has been recognized for its progressive
management practices and contributions to the community – specifically Fairtides, Footprints in Kittery and Share
our Strength’s Taste of the Nation in Portsmouth NH. Bob’s won the State of Maine’s Volunteerism Award for Small

Bob’s Clam Hut has received validation for their high quality food in the press – Esquire Magazine, Best Clams
in the Clammy Universe, Yankee Magazine made them an Editor’s Pick as a reason to come to Maine. Forbes
Magazine selected Bob’s as one of their 40 favorite restaurants in the United States and referred to Bob’s as a
“seaside, roadside Nirvana”. Bob’s has been featured on the Food Network television show “Diners, Drive-Ins and
Dives,” and is a two time winner of the NECN Baby You’re the Best contest for best fried clams in New England.
DownEast Magazine also named Bob’s fried clams the best in Maine.


About Sugarloaf – Located in Carrabassett Valley, ME, Sugarloaf is largest ski area in the East, and is home
to the only lift-serviced above treeline skiing and riding in the East. and the number one golf course in Maine,
according to Golf Digest. Sugarloaf is a member of the Boyne Resorts family of resorts and attractions. Follow:,, and

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Hurricane Sandy Relief

A team of local folks including Leah Roth, one of the servers at our brother restaurant Robert's Maine Grill, is heading to New York to help with disaster relief. They have connected with New York School of Urban Ministry (a local NY non-profit) who are providing lodging and organization for the relief effort. They will be in NY Dec 7-9 and hope to bring many needed supplies with them. Items needed include: canned food, blankets, trashbags, unused toys, diapers, flashlights, hats, mittens and socks. Donations can be brought to Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery until Dec 6th. Financial donations can be made on the website. So much needs to be done and will need to be done for a long time coming. Any support you can provide is appreciated!

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